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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


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  • Greg (Sunday, August 12 18 02:07 pm EDT)

    Received my fantasai! Wow it's amazing, Sort of heavy but it's make it real. I had to wait about 3 months for delivery but it was worth the wait. I have sex with it every morning before work and the second I get home and before I sleep. Haaaa! I'm a happy customer, thanks SMCSSHOP

  • Leroy lane (Thursday, June 07 18 10:36 am EDT)

    Hello is the product a full body woman or just a body part.

  • dave matthiesen (Friday, December 22 17 04:25 pm EST)

    Just ordered Wet dream--Just checking that definitely comes in white {pale] color and how long for shipping? Thank you

  • Will (Wednesday, October 04 17 08:44 pm EDT)

    This my review of the Fantasia. I go to the FedEx store to pick the box up (I'm excited like a kid on Christmas) I get there and it's on cart. I pick the box up and like damn this heavy (I workout 5 days a week) so I put in my car but as I am I can feel the jiggle through the box. So I get the box home tear it open and all I can say is dang (no pics or videos can show you truly how big this ass is) my wife has a big butt so I'm like it will be about the same size. I was clearly wrong and truly underestimated the magnitude of her. So set it up on the ottoman just to look at her and touch I feels just like a big ole soft ass. I could not help myself so grabbed the lube slide and all I could say was wow. The bounce back was amazing but I was like ok cool I got a test run and I will get back to her another day. I texted my wife and she said she would be gone for another hour I was like game time. So pull her back out I'm switching positions, doggie, missionary, from the side every position was great. But I get back in doggie and start to concentrate on them cheeks and before you know it was shit he it comes. I did not cum in her solely because I didn't want to deal with clean up today but she almost got me. I can see why guys say they locked themselves up when they first got her. It's so heavy and giggley that it's insane. I know it was a long wait but damn it was worth it.

  • Walter (Thursday, September 28 17 04:35 pm EDT)

    I'm not the best writer but here is my review. I appreciate the realistic weight. Sex with the Fantasia is realistic due to many factors. The jiggle is excellent and the movement is excellent.. It is so powerful, when you use energy thrusting in doggy it reflects it back double. The experience is something that you will be mesmerized by. I give my seal of greatness, it is a solid purchase. Wait time is a challenge but it feels good when it gets home.

  • Dan (Monday, September 18 17 06:09 pm EDT)

    I bought Fantasia a year ago, and she is great! My only complaint is how damn heavy she is. I recently bought the Wet Dream and she's better in weight handling. When receiving the Wet Dream, I was skeptical because she is ribbed differently. However, after going at her she is so good. Make sure to wash her and dry her thoroughly. Dust her with some corn starch to preserve the TPR (TPR in my opinion is as good as it gets so you are buying a high quality and durable product). Definetly worth buying and if this one breaks, I'll gladly buy another. BUY THIS!!! It's worth it!!! Nothing will ever ultimatly replace the feel of a real woman's *warm big booty, but this toy is ultimately realistic!

  • joe (Friday, February 10 17 05:22 pm EST)

    Yes! I saved up enough for the Wet dream and its great! Im getting the fantasia next because I'm a proud freak, my girl doesnt care

  • Dre (Wednesday, November 09 16 02:17 pm EST)

    Incredible fuck, I got weak in my knees when I was cumming. I absolutely enjoy the jiggle and making her ass clap. Clap! Clap ! Clap! Clap! Clap! thank you for the great customer service also

  • Chris (Wednesday, November 09 16 02:13 pm EST)

    hey, sorry carlos, been busy working overtime to get a second fantasia before x-mas. Ok, its heavy but that makes it more real. The tunnells are amazing. I empty loads and loads, I have to put her away if not I keep fucking her. She loves it hard and slow, then she loves it hard and fast. Im impressed and compketely satisfied. Shipping came early so thank you. Thanks

  • Harry (Wednesday, November 02 16 10:46 pm EDT)

    Just got my ebony Fantasia today so time for a review.

    I had gotten the PD FMS prior to this and had a reasonable time with it, but I won't lie this is a much more powerful experience.

    Firstly is the general aesthetic, we've all seen the videos around, the jiggle is outlandish and remains fun any given day.

    The tunnels are horizontal, my dick isn't too huge so working the anal tunnel can be a bit hard if I'm not spreading her cheeks apart. It feels rather real, with the pucker being almost painfully tight.

    The pussy is where I tend to live though, my circumsized dick being immediately overstimulated by its fantastic tunnels. I honestly can't even work this thing without a condom on or my brain short circuits, excellent build there.

    Like I said I'm not a long dick guy, only five inches of fun, but don't let that slow you down if you're thinking of avoiding. This thing is going to please just about anyone that grabs it. With the very first run literally making me blow three times with almost no pause time in between.

    Its an amazing thing. Go get one for yourself.

  • Tony H. (Monday, October 03 16 03:33 am EDT)

    Just got the email so here is my review.

    1. Absolutely amazing. At first I was hesitant to invest a grand but then I read the reviews on doll forum and found no complaints.

    2. I was sold the second I saw the ass jiggle in the video. Now, this ass is perfect in width I can grab it and squeeze it just the way it should be squeezed.

    3. The ass clap was unexpected, it enhanced the realistic part of the sex.

    4. I used extra lube as Carlos informed me, great guy. There is my review, yes its a grand but it is a steal.

  • Roy (Monday, October 03 16 03:23 am EDT)

    Wow! Finished my layaway payments early and then waited to get my big ass. It surprised me how big it was,I mean damn! Good customer service, I had it about a month already, about to get the black
    girl next.

  • Wibble the wobbly woobly (Monday, August 22 16 07:30 pm EDT)

    Getting delivered this week! I can't contain my excitement. Will be sure to post lots of pics and vids, including Fantasia in action!

    Carlos was a pleasure to interact with through email.

    Soon Fantasia will hypnotise me with dat jiggle.

  • Bootylover (Monday, August 08 16 07:31 am EDT)

    I love a juicy, curvy, big round ass so I couldn't resist ordering one of these last week. At first I thought it looked ridiculous and over the top...but after getting a 'xl booty toy' and it being
    far too rigid, and getting a sex doll which I now want rid of be because it's just inconvenient, I believe this is the toy for me. The jiggle and the way it moves looks so sexy. I can't wait to lube
    it up and feel the sexy curves and for it to bounce on my big hard dick. I can tell I'm seriously going to enjoy this. I just wish there were more videos out there to show the jiggle and showing it
    being I'm going to make some to promote this peice of ass!

  • ray ray (Tuesday, July 19 16 11:39 am EDT)

    Simple, buy it, this booty is slamming. Point blank

  • Tony (Tuesday, July 19 16 11:32 am EDT)

    Just got your email Carlos. Ok this is my review.

    1. Some weight to it but it adds the realism as she doesn't move from her spot on my bed.

    2. The tunnels feel fucking amazing, I empty loads in her ass daily.

    3. The jiggle is incredible. I make her twerk that ass with my legs pushing her to twerk, haaaaaaa!

    4. Shipping was fast. Discreet shipping.

    5. Service was excellent. Great communication, answered my calls and texts immediately.

  • james t (Tuesday, July 19 16 10:54 am EDT)

    This is insane, it feels like the real thing except she doesn't give an attitude if you come home late from being with the fellas. I love the sex, she takes a beating and I love to ram my dick in her
    ass as hard as I can

  • Shane (Sunday, July 17 16 02:01 am EDT)

    dear sweet fuck queen of asses! This ass is the queen of ass, anal sex queen! Worth every dollar, happy customer! Thanks Carlos

  • Roy (Sunday, July 17 16 01:58 am EDT)

    Wow! This shit is fucking great! Im in love! Got here early also

  • tyshawn (Monday, March 21 16 12:43 am EDT)

    Motherfuck baby! I saw this on facebook and was like gtfoh! This shit feels lidget real with lube and the asshole tight as fuck. I dropped some of my tax refund on this bitch and its worth it. I'm
    long dicking the shit out of this bitch becuz real bitches cant take all of my dick. There's my review Carlos, my bad it took so long, been working. I'm out

  • michael (Sunday, March 20 16 02:09 pm EDT)

    Received my unit and wow, its awesome. Going to college soon and I'm bringing my unit lol. Thanks Carlos

  • Benjy (Sunday, March 20 16 01:27 pm EDT)

    Where do I start????? This in incredible! I smash this pussy and ass many times a day. I love how it bounces on my dick and fucks me back. I am not stressing not getting any play from these gold
    diggers, I come home and bust my nuts everyday. This is my life and I will enjoy it as I please, I recommend you do the same!

  • Dave (Sunday, March 06 16 08:20 am EST)

    Have had the 25 inch fant for about a year now. It is extremely well made and very durable. The material feels amazing, and the service was great.

  • Joe (Wednesday, February 10 16 12:40 am EST)

    Yea baby! I love it! Awesome customer service, this fucking toy is awesome, thanks

  • William (Sunday, January 17 16 10:42 am EST)

    Good morning, ust received your email and here is my review as promised.


    Excellent, I admire the realistic movement and tunnel feel.


    Somewhat heavy but it adds realism this way, no complain.


    Worth every dollar, in fact I believe you could sell these for more since it is the only of its kind on the market.


    Good timing, I received mine a week earlier, good deal!

    Customer Service:

    Excellent, live chat agent answered all my questions and then Carlos took care of me the whole way, returned my emails quickly, answered my phone calls, I really appreciate the customer service I

    Overall Satisfaction:

    5 stars out of 5, I am very pleased.

    That completes my review , thanks again.

  • Jay (Sunday, January 17 16 10:35 am EST)

    I got a girl but I had to get one of these. This ass is juicy as ever. I love the way it jiggles, I pop on some music and stat smashing that pussy. I dont care what anybody else thinks about me
    having my toy, my girl says its just fine for me since I want to fuck so much all day, she needs a break sometimes

  • Jamal (Thursday, January 14 16 05:32 pm EST)

    MMMMMMMMMMMM! My knees went weak when I nutted in her! Fucking amazing pussy, I love this shit, just got your email to leave a review Carlos. Good looking out bro, you are good peoples, good customer
    service, I wish yall sucess

  • Jorge (Thursday, January 14 16 05:26 pm EST)

    Got my 25 inch booty in the mail today! its crazy, I was dreaming about it last night and here it came. I opened the box and went at it right in my livingroom. There was a small delay in shipping
    because of christmas orders but I was informed politely. Anyway, here is my review! Yo, buy this and you will see, this shit is perfect

  • Kevin H (Thursday, January 14 16 01:16 pm EST)

    Its just spectacular, that sums it up. Sex is great with this thing, worth my investment. I am 55 years old,been there and did the dating thing, now I get sex when I need it, who knows I might get
    lucky and find me a woman but I got lucky when I found this store. Thanks Carlos, good guy. Later.

  • Alex P. Sanchez (Thursday, January 14 16 01:02 pm EST)

    yoooo, this shit is off the hook! I saw it and said, I'm buying it ! It sexy as fuck, my best piece of ass yet!

  • Mr. Hung (Thursday, January 14 16 12:53 pm EST)

    Yeah baby! took all of my 10 inches! By far the best toy on the market! Man, I love fucking my fantasi

  • Dennis (Thursday, January 14 16 12:51 pm EST)

    Holy shiznit! this ass is real deal. I love it. Customer service was great, appreciate you guys taking care of me. Satisfied customer

  • Chad (Saturday, October 24 15 04:41 pm EDT)

    Fantasia! Excelsior! Carlos' customer service is top notch! (And his product is mighty fine as well. :) ). With his busy schedule he made time to make sure everything was in order and fantasia
    arrived as promised. I wish you great success and thank you for an amazing product!

  • Hector (Monday, October 12 15 12:10 pm EDT)

    Sweet mama!!! This ass is perfect! The jiggle is so damn sexy guys. It even takes all my 9 inches. It warms up nice and the tunnels are excellent! The asshole is fucking superb, I drop loads in that
    asshole! Great product and great service.

  • mikey (Thursday, October 08 15 11:09 pm EDT)

    All the reviews pretty much covered what I have to say LMFAO! Worth every dollar! Thanks for the great customer service and I am a happy customer also! Ciao!

  • Malcolm (Thursday, October 08 15 10:58 pm EDT)

    Just got your email so here is my review! Well, fuck! I'm fucking speechless! Fantasia is my bitch for life! I took her to a hotel because family is spending the week. I fucked her all night, just
    fucking and fucking and fucking! I fell asleep and woke up and started fucking and fucking and fucking! Housekeeping was definitely thinking I fucked all over the room and they were right. I left the
    room smelling like my balls! Carlos, thank you! Pleased customer! Wish yall sucess!

  • Steve (Thursday, October 08 15 10:49 pm EDT)

    Yea baby! I haven't felt this good in 14 years! My sex drive is up for sure. I got my product on time and discreetly. I enjoy anal on this toy multiple times a day, Isave the pussy for night time. I
    am pleased %100 and appreciate the business Carlos shared with me. Fishnet is sexy on her, dress her up fellas that is what they designed her for!

  • Mario (Sunday, August 23 15 09:36 pm EDT)

    BEST SEX TOY EVER!!! It's so off the chain!!! I fuck it every morning and ever night!!! I love FANTASIA!!! I put a heating pad up under her for about 10mins before I get in it and a lil lube... And
    it feels so damn good that you will nut VERY FAST!!! Shoutout to Carlos for this AWESOME INVENTION!!! P.S. Will be buyin the tan one next!!!

  • Thomas (Sunday, August 23 15 03:14 pm EDT)

    Superb fucking! Cant tell the difference from real pussy. Heat it up if you want an even more real experience! I love her asshole, mmmmm! I fuck that asshole so many times a day, I put her on top of
    a vibrating plate and she rocks side to side enticing me until my dick is so hard I am gonna explode. Great toy and I will be buying the other colors this year for sure, thank you so much Carlos, I
    hope my review convinces people that this toy is a great buy.

  • its wayne's world (Sunday, August 23 15 02:48 pm EDT)

    I am very impressed.This toy was much bigger in person than in pictures. The jiggle of the ass is so freaking perfect. I let her jiggle on my dick and on my face. I squeeze her ass so hard and smack
    it so hard. I put music on and I fuck her 2 or 3 times. My cousin asked me what I was doing and I told him straight out I bought a sex toy, he wants it now after seeing the Fantasia. I wish I had
    this back in college but I really do need it now, working so many hours. Thank you for an awesome product. I hope your business makes good money!

  • Roy (Sunday, August 23 15 02:40 pm EDT)

    Amazing ass, amazing fuck, amazing feel, this product is amazing! Its heavy but that adds a real feel during sex. Not too heavy when on top, feels about right. Tunnels are great, I tried all types of
    lubes and silicone lubes keep it moist. I warmed her up in a hot bath first and then I took her for a spin. I love this ass, let me tell you this important part, be ready to fucking sweat because you
    will be pounding this pussy and asshole for a while! Its what I need after a long day of work and before bedtime. I fuck her in the morning and I have been feeling better physically, I guess I was
    out of shape. Im getting back in shape because Im able to go faster and a bit longer with her after a few nuts. Buy it today and you will not be disappointed. There is my review Carlos as I promised,
    thank you.

  • Andrew (Thursday, August 06 15 11:26 am EDT)


  • Felipe (Sunday, June 21 15 06:42 pm EDT)

    No more chasing pussy for me! Don't get me wrong, I'll still nail some ass when it comes my way. I was trying to get the FMS that my cousin told me about but I wanted a bigger ass and I searched for
    it and I found Seductive Midnight Candy. At first I was skeptical but then I saw videos and its all real! It jiggles so beautiful and what maters most is that now I can bust a nut when I want to!

  • Margie (Sunday, June 21 15 06:36 pm EDT)

    I got this for my husbands Fathers Day present! He didnt think I would have got him this but he has always wanted a threesome and now he will in a sense. Just know this, this sexy bitch is heavy and
    her ass is way bigger then mine, I have a wide ass and Im proud of it but Im small compared to the Fantasia! He gets to do anal now, I dont like it. It turns me on watching him have sex with Fantasia
    and then I want in on the action! He has agreed to let me get a male version, please make one or direct me to where I can get one. Margie

  • William (Sunday, June 21 15 06:30 pm EDT)

    Just got your email about my review. Ok, I was surprised when it arrived to my house early morning! The box was heavy, hahahaha! It came on time also. I love the color of the Tan, it reminds me of
    snookie! I admire the jiggle and it feels so good bouncing on my penis! My penis is in love, hahahaha!

  • Tommy (Sunday, June 21 15 06:26 pm EDT)

    Sorry it took so long to leave my review,now all I can say is that I am a super satisfied customer! I love the Fantasia! I told my friend about this and he thought I was joking until I showed him a
    few clips of the ass shaking. I uploaded it unto my Dailymotion account and my account was deactivated because the Fantasia looked real to them I guess and the genitalia is prohibited content. It's
    OK I guess, I'll make another one and try to upload it to a site and help promote the Fantasia.

  • nebootylover (Thursday, May 21 15 06:40 pm EDT)

    After much anticipation, I picked up my Fantasia at FedEx last week. I won't lie the package was pretty heavy, but I managed to carry her up 3 flights of stairs without hurting myself. I guess I'm
    more jacked than I thought. I got her inside opened the box, unwrapped, and just stared for a while smiling.

    The size and shape is super sexy erotic and impressive. The quality, look, and feel of the TPR; astonishing! I've owned a few other hip toys advertised to be “life like big booty's” but they were all
    really just low end gags compared to Fantasia. The PD FMS was small, overly wobbly, and fragile. I literally tore the connected tunnels to shreds in like 3 days. The DJ Noches Latinas CG, smelled
    weird, was semi-flat and also had inadequate tunnels. Let us just say I am very well above average so these things were just frustrating pieces of junk to me. Only the real thing would ever do. But
    now, if I go a little while without the reals for whatever reason, I can keep my shit together. I'll tell you why.

    Enter Fantasia. After cleaning her up I got to “testing”. This creation is absolutely addicting. Feels very realistic in so many ways; the jiggle is mind-blowing and the anal tunnel is just fucking
    amazing, in fact that's all I do is that lovely pucker. The thickness and completeness of the anal tunnel makes it the most realistic and satisfying simulation I've ever experienced. Tight but smooth
    and solid. Very much like some of the real anal experiences I've had with women this size and shape in the past.

    Whatever your situation – for example if you're like me and don't live with your girl, have a lot of free time on your hands, and need to stick your big fat cock into a big jiggly ass more often than
    any real women or girl could ever stand, and, you also want to be a faithful man and promote good karma by not fucking women over, this is a great way to go. After all, Fantasia is magnificent, but
    she is not real. Only for those moments when you need her to be. Peace out. :)

  • DISGUSTING BEING (A.K.A. FUX BUNNY) (Wednesday, May 20 15 12:28 am EDT)

    Some little boys sleep with their pet dog or their stuffed teddy bear. As for me I'm sleeping with my "25 Inch Fantasia phat ass!

    LMFAO! This is one of those toys you just don't fuck but is in comparison to stress balls. Accept in the case of a full penial hard -on this is a "Stress Ass". You can grope it squeeze it smack it
    slap it and fuck it until you can't anymore. That's right pump your way to heaven if you can. LMAO! This a great alternative to jerking off with your and although the Fantasia feels great I wish it
    smothered my cock just a little more like when you use your hand. Nonetheless it's fucking great overtime I use her I break a serious sweat.

    I love the way the ass cheeks bounce off of me lube is not really an option though during use. It's harder to get off for some reason but I am noticing a difference in my erections.

    I think this is a perfect toy for a man who not necessarily can't get laid or wants avoid paying out his pocket to get laid but maybe just want to dodge sleazy care women who don't take care of
    themselves and carry STD'S.

    I love Fantasia...I love her...I love her...I love her!

    Thank you Carlos! I hope you make an Ebony version?!

  • Dee (Wednesday, April 29 15 04:54 pm EDT)

    I received my order about 2-3 weeks ago, and I've held off on giving a review because I really wanted to test the product, and get a good feel for it and what it had to offer. Now That I've
    experienced the 25 inch Fantasia in full, My Review is ready.

    To Start out with, this thing is crazy big! I can't even begin to tell you how huge this ASS is. I opened my box, and was like Holy COW!!! That's a phat ass! I was almost speechless! And I had to
    flip the jiggly thing out of the box onto my bed just to get it out.

    Seriously the whole time up to ordering it I kept grabbing a tape measure and measuring out 25 inches. And seriously that did not prep me for how enormous this butt is. Just to give you an idea, I
    went from the 14 inch FMS to this! The Fantasia is double my old toy, and I love it.

    Quality: It's Amazing! Both tunnels grip like a dream, and the motion on this thing is fantastic. It's so heavy it actually fucks you back.

    With it being so heavy, It is a little bit of a chore to clean. Reason being, when it's wet the damn thing likes to wiggle out of your arms when you try to remove it from the bathtub.

    Seriously if you are looking for an amazing toy, that feels and looks the part of a perfect shaped ass, buy this thing! You will not regret it. Yes it is expensive, but you're paying for what you

    I justify the cost like this. When I go on a date, it's going to cost me anywhere from $40 to $100. And I may not even get to sleep with my date the first night. If that's the case, then it's
    $80-$200 for 2 dates. Now let's say I get to sleep with her, I most certainly won't get to have my way the first night, heck she may not even be into anal. This toy never says no.

    Sure it's about $1000 after tax, but every time you fuck this toy it pays for itself. The first day I got it, I had my way with it 4 times. That means in one day it was $250 a go! I guarantee if you
    get this toy, you will have your way with it so much, I bet it will end up being less than a dollar a go for you!

    Please help support SMCS, they are amazing and I would love to see them offer more products at this value and quality.

    Thank you Carlos! You designed an amazing product, And I am a very happy and satisfied customer! :)

  • DISGUSTING BEING(A.K.A. FUX BUNNY) (Thursday, April 23 15 10:30 am EDT)

    Greetings fellow, Fantasia adventurists! LOL!

    I will finally be recieve my unit in a couple days and I'm just wondering with all the dress up...if anyone who has bought a Fantasia has bought panties or thongs for their own unit? If so what kinda
    material and was it black? Next if you have dressed her up in any black material has been bleeding? If not does anyone have tips out of the normal or what myself and Carlos have discussed to prevent
    the black material from bleeding? Please share because the best I can do is wash and rinse the panties a few times before using them on her. Or has anyone maybe done or thought to do a spot test for
    the different clothing material for their Fantasia unit? Please post your solutions here in the customer reviews section or the doll forum or hit up Carlos so he might pass along any helpful

    Thanks fellas!

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